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You Were Born to Dance. Fred Astaire Can Help.

Dancing is as old as memory. It is as new today. Dancing is in everyone. And it's certainly inside of you. Dance to get fit. Dance for sport. Dance to play, to seduce, to celebrate a new life together, or to remember just what a new life together feels like. Dance to look into each other's eyes. Dance to look inside yourself...and love what you see. You can dance. You just have to take that first step.

When you're ready to dance, come to America's most trusted Dance Studio - Fred Astaire. For over sixty years, Fred Astaire has been showing people how to Samba. We've been showing them how to Fox Trot, Waltz and Mambo. We've been showing people that they, just like you - were born to dance.

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    We provide complimentary reception consultation with our wedding packages

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  • Did You Know...

    Fred Astaire has appeared a couple of times in the Zippy comic strip.