Experience the many benefits - Glamour


The hit television show "Dancing with the Stars" has glamourized ballroom dance. From the rhinestones and fringe, to the tuxedos and feathers, when people think of ballroom dance they think of glamour.

For many students the idea of wearing an elegant ballroom gown or a sophisticated tailcoat attracts them to this hobby. In addition to the glamorous costumes, the Fred Astaire Dance Studio events we sponsor give our students a reason to dress up and enjoy an evening of dance.

The glamour of ballroom dance is present in many of our students’ daily lives. As self-confidence levels grow when learning how to dance, a new awareness or interest in appearance often becomes noticeable. For some students, dancing is a way to express themselves through what they wear.

It has been said by many students that friends have questioned what is different about them, when in fact, it may be the style they have when they walk into a room that is noticed.

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    Fred Astaire has appeared a couple of times in the Zippy comic strip.