Socialize, learn, fall in love with dancing


Personal Instruction That's a Perfect Fit

Taking your first steps onto the dance floor can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life, and nothing can help you learn those first steps better than a private lesson from an experienced instructor. Fred Astaire employs world-class dance instructors who will create an instructional program personally designed to fit your skill level, aptitude and how you learn best. There's no faster, better, or more enjoyable way to learn how to dance like a star.

Learn More, Learn Better by Learning Together

Fun, interactive and exciting, group lessons are a valuable addition to your private lessons. By combining the personalized attention you'll receive in your private lessons with a broad range of topics and experiences you can only get in a group setting, it will help you improve more quickly, and familiarize you with dancing in groups.

Practice Has Never Been this Much Fun!

Combining the fun and freedom of a party, with the instruction and the secure, confidence building environment of group instruction, Fred Astaire practice parties are powerful supplements to your dance lessons. At a practice party, you can take what you've learned in your lessons, and practice it in a party environment, dancing with a variety of partners, all with professional instructors on hand to guide you. The result is a relaxed, instructive environment. Dancing at the parties can ease any stress you might have of dancing in front of other people, helping you to build confidence in yourself and your dancing. This being a confidence that will extend into all areas of your life!

"Some people seem to feel that good dancers are born. All the good dancers I've known have been taught or trained"

Fred Astaire

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    Fred Astaire has appeared a couple of times in the Zippy comic strip.