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"As a New Year's resolution to challenge myself, I signed up for three ballroom dance classes at Fred Astaire Brookfield. At first, I told myself that I was taking lessons just for "fun." Secretly, I hoped that I would lose weight, have better balance and poise, and be able to look like I was dancing in social occasions. By May, I was a few dress sizes smaller, standing taller, and excited to learn new dances. By July, I signed up for my first ballroom National competition in Puerto Rico. Dressed in my Wisconsin Fred Astaire warm-up and equipped with a suitcase of fake eyelashes, makeup, hair extensions, and dance shoes, I joined my instructors and fellow dancers at the airport for our Caribbean adventure."

"What I remember most from the competition is the feeling that the Fred Astaire dance staff and clients were cheering for me from the moment they say me at the airport terminal. I may have been just a beginner, but I was their beginner."

"I have officially been dancing for a year. My instructors have patiently nurtured me through each new challenge."

Dawn Paquelet (Student)

"I've heard the sentence "This place is like Disney World for adults" used to describe Fred Astaire Dance Studios and as far as I'm concerned, it was proven to be so true!"

"The instructors are top notch, and really take care of you. They strive to find your style of learning and then use that so you can get the most out of your lessons."

"The staff is totally supportive and always willing to work with you and make this an experience that you will enjoy."

"I love the weekly parties where you have a chance to dance with other instructors and fellow students. You end up making lots of friends who share the same love for dancing that you do. You can also enjoy the group lessons that focus on particular dances and they are a great compliment to your private lessons."

"Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Brookfield is a special place to me. Dancing makes me happy and this is my happy place. When I am there, I feel like I am investing in myself, developing a special skill and doing something that makes me a better person, a better dancer. If you love dancing, you'll love it here."

Acsa Buening (Student)

"I started at FADS to get over a fear of dancing. I've bungee jumped, responded to bomb threats and worse, but it still took me 4 attempts to get the nerve up to walk in the studio and take a lesson. Ms. Anderson listened without judgement and helped me get through the basics in a flash. I was hooked. I practiced almost every day the studio was open and competed in the 2014 Danceathon at Patowanami Casino after only two months of starting. My instructors listened when I was struggling with a step and helped me find learning points when I was having an anxiety attack and wanted to quit. It didn't take long to consider the FADS staff family, and noticed I pass on those positive experiences to students who have joined after me. Students share tips and bond over favorite dance moves, or how to get over performance anxiety. Learning a skill takes time but it's been fun showing off for friends, family and making the ex-girlfriend jealous. I can't wait to come back."

Mike Tredupp (Student)

"After 25 years of marriage with my husband saying that he can't dance, it was time for him to give dancing a try. Fred Astaire Brookfield is the best thing that has happened to us! Everyone there from the reception and office personnel, to the professional instructors, to the manager and owner has been absolutely the most welcoming, friendly people we have ever met. Dancing has changed our lives. We not only have gained knowledge about dance, but also, the confidence needed to dance. Because of the instructors, we can go out on a dance floor and trust that we can indeed dance."

"How do I know that my husband actually enjoys dancing and is not just doing it for me? My once reluctant-to-dance husband now wants to know more and more dance steps and techniques, smiles when dancing, does not like to have too many days in between lessons and wants to practice what we learned at home."

"As for me, I have always loved to dance and have always wanted lessons. The instructors her have not only the skills and knowledge, but most importantly they have patience. They know, understand, encourage and genuinely enjoy adult learners. That is why I love this studio and its people. There have been so many times I have felt like Ginger Rogers after a lesson. I have learned more than I ever could have dreamed possible and felt so much joy doing it. I have been able to perform at Friday night parties and am looking forward to one day possibly competing."

"If you ever wanted to learn to dance, Fred Astaire Brookfield is the place to begin your dance journey. You are treated like family where everybody knows your name. Cheers!"

Michael and Mary Saindon (Student)

"What started as a thoughtful Christmas gift to my wife in 2005 developed into a weekly date night at the Brookfield Fred Astaire dance studio. At the time, Cathy and I were looking forward to our son's wedding the following June. Knowing that she loved to dance and would thoroughly enjoy ballroom lessons, I took the plunge. Admittedly, my interests lie more in outdoor pursuits. I'd rather fish than dance, but with our kids grown and on their own (mostly) I thought this would be a good way to reconnect with my wife (and see her in a skirt once a week). Seven years later and still dancing I know I made the right choice!"

"We started with very modest goals – learn some ballroom basics for my son's wedding – and today we are working toward Fred's "silver" level in four dances – fox trot, rumba, cha-cha and bolero. Along the way we've sampled many more and continue to add to our reserve. There isn't much we won't attempt and can usually find something to dance to whether its Sinatra, Springsteen or Pitbull."

"I think learning to lead and follow as a couple is more difficult than what single students experience with their instructor, but the benefits are worth it. We dance as a couple and look forward to weddings, cruise ships and any social events with a band or DJ. Our teachers - Slash and Meghan - listen to where we want to go with our dancing and push us to get there, but the whole staff has a role in our development. Whether offering a different perspective, cheering during a Friday night performance or offering a tip while dancing at one of the studio's parties, the Brookfield family keeps us motivated and excited about learning."

Kutney (Student)

"I have so enjoyed my time with the Brookfield Fred Astaire studio. Their excellent and talented instructors make you look and feel like a star. I am always greeted warmly and enthusiastically when I come in. In my individual lessons I get to stretch out and try new steps, choreography, or lifts that often surprise and thrill me not to mention impress my friends. In my performances I get the chance to become another character for a while, which is so fun and often helps me to forget or let go of stress from work. It is sometimes challenging and always entertaining. I get to express myself in a fun encouraging environment. I've enjoyed the many special events outings and trips I've taken with the studio over the years. I have been to San Antonio and Puerto Rico for competitions, a night out to see "Jersey Boys" and Jamaica for a fun trip. The staff are simply fabulous. They always make you feel special. I cannot say enough about how much being a part of this studio has meant to me!"

"Love you Brookfield FADS!"

Jeanne Hanson (Student)

"Mr. Ennis and I started taking lessons with Fred Astaire last November because we wanted to prepare for some upcoming holiday parties and weddings. We always admired Mr. Ennis' aunt and uncle who could glide across the dance floor together with perfect harmony. We wanted to be able to dance like them or at least look like we knew what we were doing. Fred Astaire assigned us a teacher that they thought would be a good fit for us and boy, did they pick the right one. Her encouragement, patience and sense of humor made our lessons fun and made us want to continue. Over the following months she was able to challenge us but not push us into progressing through the next levels. During this time another teacher was added to our program and again, it was a perfect fit for us. He was able to compliment what our first teacher was teaching us. He was also patient, encouraging and fun to work with. We progressed even faster. Here we are, almost 12 months later enjoying dancing and having so much fun together, it's like "date night" every time we dance. Thank you FADS!"

Michael and Monica Ennis

"At this writing, I'm 83 years of age. I've been taking dance lessons with Fred Astaire Dance Studio for seven years. Dancing has become my favorite form of exercise. My agility and balance have definitely improved as a result of my weekly lessons."

"Along with learning the many forms of ballroom dancing, I love rehearsing routines for Friday night dance party performances. I've always been assigned two instructors. These professionals are as talented as they are attractive. As a result, I feel decades younger each time I walk through the door."

"The Brookfield, Wisconsin studio is particularly stylish and efficient. Two ballrooms are available for learning. The smaller room is perfect for rehearsing routines. The larger one is used for lessons as well as the Friday night parties which include social dancing, student/teacher performances and a scrumptious buffet."

"Being a part of the Brookfield Fred Astaire Dance Studio is definitely one of the blessings in my life."

Ralph Chicorel (student)

"I would just like to say how happy my loving wife and I were to be asked to take dance lessons by our loving daughter and her loving fiance. We went in for a free lesson and ended up signing up for lessons of our own. Ms. Lorenta and Mr. Solis were very patient with us the whole time. There were times when we were in our lesson and our instructor would ask another instructor to give us a demonstration on a particular move or dance and this was while they were with a student of their own. This always impressed my wife and I."

"They also helped us in preparing for my daughter's wedding. They helped us choreograph my father and daughter dance and the bride and groom dance. The studio also cut the music for us."

"If you ever thought of taking dance lessons, don't hesitate, just do it."

"Thank you very much Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Brookfield."

Frank and Cheryl Langel (students)

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